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The “AMATI” Ltd web site describes the use of cookies in “AMATI” Ltd - registration number: LV 42403017981, legal address: Balvu street 15-5, Bērzkalne,Balvu county, LV-4590, phone: (+371) 29125850; e-mail address: homepage, specifies the purpose of the use of the cookie, as well as the rights of users to change and choose cookies according to their needs.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored on a user's terminal (computer, mobile phone, tablet) by a web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.) when the user visits a website to identify the browser or save information or settings in the browser. So with the help of cookies, the website gains the ability to maintain the user's individual settings, recognize and respond appropriately, with a view to improving the experience of using the site. Without cookies, it will not be possible to make full use of all site features. Depending on the functions to be performed and the purpose of use, “AMATI” Ltd uses mandatory cookies, functional cookies, analytical cookies and targeting (advertising) cookies.

Mandatory cookies

These cookies are required to allow the user to freely visit and browse the website and use its features, including obtaining information about the services and purchasing them. They identify the user device, but do not disclose user identity, and do not collect or aggregate information. Without these cookies, the website will not be able to function properly, for example, provide the user with the necessary information, provide the requested services in the e-shop or apply for the service. They are stored in the user's machine until the web browser is closed.

Functional cookies

With functional cookies, the site remembers the user-selected settings and choices made to make the user more comfortable to use the site. These cookies are stored permanently in the user's machine.

Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies collect information about how a user uses a website, finds the most frequently visited sections, including the content that the user chooses when browsing the site. The information is used for analysis purposes to find out what the site's users are interested in and could improve the functionality of the site, making it more convenient to use. Analytical cookies only identify the user's device, but do not reveal the identity of the user. In some cases, some of the analytical cookies are managed by a third party instead of the site owner, in accordance with its instructions and for the stated purposes.

Target cookies

Target cookies are used to collect information about the websites that are visited by the user and to offer services of ours or our partners directly to a particular user, or to offer tailored offers of interest to the user. The target cookie is stored permanently in the user terminal.

For what purposes “AMATI” Ltd uses cookies?

"AMATI" Ltd uses cookies to improve the experience of using web sites:

  • provide website functionality;
  • customize the website's functionality for user's habits - including language, search requests, content previously viewed;
  • get statistics on page traffic - the number of visitors, time spent on the page, and so on;


How long are cookies stored?

Unless otherwise stated, cookies are stored while the activity is being executed, for which purpose they are collected, and then deleted. There is a window displayed in the website with a message that cookies are used on the website to inform the user. By closing this message window, the user confirms that he / she is familiar with the information about the cookies, their purposes of use, the cases when their information is passed to a third person and they agree.Accordingly, the legal basis for using cookies is user consent.

If the user has a question about use of cookies, he can contact "AMATI" Ltd using the following e-mail:


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