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All goods and products– further Product;

Person who purchases Product from Seller- further Customer.

In the period specified in the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia and the EU, the guarantee case arises if the conditions specified in here are fulfilled and if the defects were caused by a defect in the production process and construction.

The Customer who purchased the Product from the Seller is entitled to the Warranty Repair Works at the time of the warranty, following these regulations of warranty.

The warranty is valid for 24 (twenty four) months from the Product receiving date.

1.The Product is not covered by warranty service (repair) in the following cases:

a.    The product has mechanical damage, cracks from falling or damages from incorrect transportation by the Customer.

b.    Damage due to unqualified installation (installation rules are available at the Seller), if it is done by the Customer himself or another third party, except Seller.

c.    The conditions for use contained in the package leaflet are not being followed.

d.    Unclassified interference and / or repair traces have been found performed by the Customer or another third party.

e.    A product intended for personal use is used for production and (or) professional purposes, as well as for other purposes which do not match with the direct purpose.

f.     Damage caused by some kind of substances or insects.

g.    Damage caused by the environment - soot, smoke, dust, moisture, liquids, accidental external factors (lightning, rain, flood, fire, etc.) and / or natural disasters (flood, storm, fire, etc.).

h.    The Customer has not done technical servicing and / or has not paid for the previous one.

i.     The damage is caused because of the feeding voltage, telecommunications, cable networks discrepancy with national standards, as well as other external factors.

j.     Damage caused by the use of non-standard and / or non-quality materials, spare parts, assemblies, accessories carried out by the Customer.

k.    Changes in the design or scheme of the Product, which are different from the original specified by the manufacturer, if performed by the Customer or another third party.

l.     If the Customer can not show a document confirming the purchase from the Seller. The manufacturer's regulations of warranty are valid if the Customer can show: - a proof of purchase (bill of lading, payment document), manufacturer's or distributor's warranty card (in case the manufacturer or distributor has included it in the package).

m.  If the Product serial number has been changed, deleted or can not be determined.

n.    The warranty does not apply to the equipment (batteries, headphones, connecting cables, charging devices, remote control).

2.The warranty does not apply to:

Plastic parts of the Products, lamps, wires, motors, consumables, accessories and power supplies, as well as, if it is necessary, to change the lamps, batteries, accumulators, fuses and other parts and accessories of the Product that have a limited resource, and such replacement is provided by the construction and is not related to the disassembly of the Product.

3.Additional regulations:

a.    Delivery of the damaged Products is being paid by the Customer.

b.    The damage is eliminated for a maximum of 20 working days and not less than 5 working days. If the complete parts need to be ordered from the manufacturer, then the final deadline of the repairs is set separately.

c.    The Customer provides technical servicing by Seller's specialists for a separate fee (technical servicing must be performed at least once a year).

d.    Before the transfer of Products for repairs, take care of data security. Warranty service centers do not guarantee data retention, so be sure to back up your data.

e.    Return of the Product is possible only if the Product is not used and not damaged and is in the original packaging.

4.Final terms:

The person or company that has set the Product is responsible for the correctness and quality of the installation.

Please pay attention to the importance of properly setting the Product for its operational reliability and full service warranty. Product adjustment is not included in warranty service.

The Seller is not responsible for any damage which the Product could directly or indirectly cause to humans, pets or property, in case it happened because of the failure to observe installation of the product, the instructions for use and other circumstances.

Right of withdrawal

1. Buying products in the www.amativeikals.lv online store, the consumer may use the right of withdrawal. The consumer returns the product back to the seller or returns it to the seller no later than 14 days after sending a withdrawal form or a notice of wanting to use the right of withdrawal. 

2. In order to use the right of withdrawal, the consumer need to notify the seller by completing the withdrawal form and sending it to Ezera Street 30, Balvi, or by e-mail amativeikals@amati.lv.

3. The seller no later than within 14 days from the date of receipt of the information about the consumer's decision to withdraw from the contract, refunds to the consumer the amount of money he has paid, including the delivery costs paid by the consumer.

4. During the term of use of the right of withdrawal, the consumer has the right to use the product as far as it is necessary for checking the item. Using the right of withdrawal, the consumer is responsible for the use of a product which is compatible with the principle of good faith, as well as a decrease in the quality and safety of the goods.

5. The consumer shall bear the cost of returning the goods to the seller, except where the seller has agreed to cover these costs or has not informed the consumer that he should pay. The consumer must provide the appropriate packaging of the product so that the goods are not damaged during transport.


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