If you go to us for a particular item or make a purchase, we recommend that you make sure the item is in store. The indication "available" does not guarantee that the item is available immediately.


  1. Delivery takes 1-3 working days if the ordered item is in stock.
  2. We will inform you of delivery times when placing your order.
  3. Goods are shipped only after receipt of payment confirmation or invoice payment.

          Get your courier items anywhere in Latvia

Delivery to the specified address with:

Courier 10.00 EUR with VAT


GREAT GOODS ( for example: accumulation tanks, etc. ) we deliver  from 80.00 EUR with VAT or you can drive by yourself.

Get the goods at the Baltic parcel machine

Delivery to withdrawal points:

5.00 EUR with VAT

Maximum dimensions ( cm )

9 x 38 x 64 ( at least 2 x 9 x 14 )

19 x 38 x 64

39 x 38 x 64

Locations of parcel machines​

In order to receive the shipment you will need an individual door code, which will be sent via SMS / e-mail. After entering the door code at the ATM, the door of the locker containing the consignment addressed to you will open.

  1. After receiving a text message or email notification, go to the parcel machine
  2. Select a language by tapping the screen, then select "Receive Shipment"
  3. Enter the door code you received in the SMS / email on the screen
  4. If you receive a postal payment, pay for it using a payment card
  5. Remove the consignment from the open cupboard
  6. Close the locker door and confirm receipt by pressing the "Confirm" button on the screen
  7. If you paid for the shipment when you received it, you can also print a check


If the item is not removed from the parcel machine within seven days, it will be returned to the sender.


5.00 EUR with VAT

Maximum dimensions ( cm )

7,5 x 18 x 60

7,5 x 43 x 60

17 x 43 x 60

36 x 43 x 60

Pickup point map


As soon as the package is delivered to the Pickup Package Closet you will receive an SMS containing the following information:
- package number;
- PIN code
- Pickup Package Cabinet Name;
- Pickup Paku Cabinet address.


When going for a parcel, keep in mind:

1. After receiving the SMS you have 7 days to pick up your parcel at the selected point.

2. To receive a parcel:
- Enter the PINs you have received.

3. After 7 days the parcel will be returned to the sender.


** PIN code you receive may also be transferred to a third party




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